Blooming & Christmas Wish Lotteries

Easter Seals BC/Yukon & The BC Lions Society for Children with Disabilities has two lotteries each year.  Through purchase of lottery tickets you are supporting the BC Lions Society's Easter Seals Camping programs.  There are three Easter Seals Camps in BC, Squamish, Winfield and Shawnigan Lake. Approximately 800 children attend the camps each summer, these camps remain the largest and best equipped camps in the province and are specially designed and staffed to accommodate children with disabilities.  With your help we continue to put smiles on the faces of children by making our camps "The Best Place on Earth" for our campers.

Blooming Lottery tickets on sale now! 

Easy ways to order

  1. Mail the order form to 3981 Oak St, Vancouver, BC  V6H 4H5
  2. Call Today! 604.873.1865 or toll free 1.800.818.4483
  3. Fax the order form to 604.873.0166
  4. Email the order form to


Thank you for supporting Easter Seals BC/Yukon and helping children with disabilities in your community.

Rules of Play

Thank you to everyone who purchased our past lotteries, here are our winners:

Christmas Wish Lottery 2016 2016_Christmas_Wish_Lottery_Winners.pdf

Blooming Lottery 2016 2016_Blooming_Lottery_Winners.pdf

Christmas Wish Lottery 2015 2015_Christmas_Wish_Winners.pdf

Blooming Lottery 2015 2015_Blooming_Lottery_Winners.pdf

Christmas Wish Lottery 2014  2014 Christmas Wish Lottery

It's a Blooming Lottery 2014 2014 Click Here for a list of Winners

Christmas Wish Lottery 2013 Click Here for a list of Winners 

It's a Blooming Lottery 2013 Click Here for a list of Winners.

Christmas Wish Lottery 2012 2012 Christmas Wish Lottery Winners Licence 45953.pdf

It's a Blooming Lottery 2012Click Here for a Complete List of Winners

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