Kids Helping Kids

Children can help children. As a young person, you can help other children who face disability challenges each day in BC. Your act of helping is a very powerful opportunity to make a difference in another child’s life.

So start now by making a difference while having fun!

Be as creative as you want to help raise awareness and raise money for the children. We have a range of ideas to get you started whether it is a bake sale, walkathon, benefit concert, pennies for pizza or having your friends make a donation in honour of your birthday for the kids. No matter what you do you will be giving children the opportunity to gain abilities rather than face a disability.

Here is a list of idea’s that other children have done to raise money for the kids:

  • Have a ?ATHON - Walk-a-thon, Skip-a-thon, Hula Hoop-a-thon: Choose a date and a place/route, contact us for pledge forms, and make some posters. Have everyone who wants to participate ask for donations or pledges using the pledge forms.
  • Band and choir concerts: Ask your school band or choir to donate their time by performing a benefit concert for the kids. Ask for a donation for admission to the event.
  • Have a Bake Sale, Lemonade or Popcorn Stand and raise money for the kids. Make posters and let people know you are helping children with disabilities gain abilities.
  • Fill The Jar: Fill a jar with jellybeans or smarties and have your friends pay to guess how many there are in the jar. The money raised will help the kids and the winner wins the candy!
  • Provide a service for donations: Rake leaves, take care of a pet and ask the person who benefited from your service for a donation towards the kids.
  • Have a birthday party! Ask your parent's first. Invite your friends to your birthday party and instead of bringing a gift they could make a donation in honour of your birthday. Then come see us and deliver your gifts for the kids.


Two Very Special
Easter Seals
Appeal Kids!

Kate and Grace
counting down till
the Olympics!

Student's Live Group
after receiving their official
"press passes."

Kate and students
from the group
at the interview podium.

Helping Give Children Abilities.
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