April 2019

Easter Seals Paper Eggs

The Paper Egg #unstoppABLETM Campaign will be back in stores in the month leading up to Easter: from March 25 to April 21, 2019.
What is the Paper Egg #unstoppABLETM Campaign?
The annual Paper Egg #unstoppABLETM Campaign is one of Easter Seals’ signature national fundraising and awareness initiatives. Part of our “March is Easter Seals Month” celebrations, the Paper Egg Campaign is a grassroots fundraising effort that brings individuals and communities all across British Columbia together to raise funds for British Columbians living with disabilities.
Each Spring, Easter Seals corporate and business partners in cities and towns all across the country will encourage their customers to purchase colourful Easter Seals paper eggs at the store’s checkout counters. Customers are asked to sign their name on the eggs which are then proudly put up on store windows and walls to create a powerful display of support. You can also purchase Paper Eggs online at www.paperegg.ca and send a personalized Easter Seals Spring e-Card to your family and friends.
Funds raised through the Campaign enable Easter Seals to deliver a variety of programs and services for British Columbians living with disabilities.