Summer Camp Coordinator Spotlight: Gabrielle

It’s time to meet another one of our Camp Coordinators. Gabrielle (Geeb or Gabby for short) is 25 from Vancouver. She started as a camp counsellor at Camp Squamish in 2016.

“[This year] I will be cruising around in tie dye and crocs as the Programming Coordinator at Camp Winfield/Shawnigan! The position entails helping bring all the magical themes to life and supporting the programmers throughout the summer. I love camp, it’s truly the best place on earth! I want to help foster that camp feeling for staff and campers alike”

What are you most excited for at Camp? To sing repeat after me songs with the whole camp

What’s one special thing you bring to camp from home?  My love for adventure and my cozy sleeping bag!

How will you spend your days off? Camping and exploring the Okanagan and Island!

Favourite camp food? Grilled cheeeeeeese

Favourite camp song? Oh Banana

Favourite special event? Is Kangaroo Court an event? Oh wait, Talent Show!

What surprised you about camp? How BIG the big swing is!

Stay tuned for more spotlights on all our wonderful coordinators and counsellors!

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