Introducing Compass 2

Compass 2 is tailored to build upon the foundational learning objectives of Compass. Compass 2 is designed for motivated young adults to revisit their employment aspirations and delve into advanced learning outcomes.

The Compass Program is based on the comprehensive curriculum developed by the Adoptive Families Association of BC for youth aging out of government care, and has been modified for youth with disabilities.

Compass 2

Compass 2 is a 10-week life skills program that builds upon the learning goals in Compass 1. Compass 2 is designed for young adults who are motivated to get started with employment preparation or revisit their employment goals.  We will explore more advanced learning outcomes on the life skills topics from Compass 1, and explore further topics in digital literacy, financial literacy, educational pathways, and employment readiness skills. Learners will explore their interests, values, and opportunities to set goals and develop an action plan to build essential skills for life, learning, and work. Through ongoing guidance and support from our Facilitators, learners will have opportunities for learning and community connection that reflect their own abilities, interests, and values.  

The classes will cover the following topics:  

  • Focus on enhancing self-awareness and self-management skills whereby participants will discover more about skills needed for success in the workplace. 
  • Understand the value of money, how to track, budget and plan for expenses.  
  • Basic computer skills and pre-employment skills: including interviewing, job search, self-advocacy, and networking skills.  
  • Digital literacy skills: Searching for information online, identifying safe websites, online safety and good communication skills while developing digital identity.   
  • Pathways towards Post Secondary Education/vocational skills training: learn about the resources available, how to access support at post-secondary level. Learners will participate in discovery activities to learn about their personal learning styles, personal values, and career fields of interest. 

Best suited for:  

  • Exploring employment, in a transitional program, in training, or looking to enroll in school. 
  • Available for the 10 weeks with no (limited) schedule conflict 
  • Those that have completed Compass 1 and want to advance their knowledge. 
  • Those may not have completed Compass 1, but want to gain support in: Learning social networking skills and developing good communication and leadership skills 
  • Can stick to routines; has some flexibility; is ready to learn new skills and motivated to find long-term employment. 
  • Basics of using a PC and various software such as Microsoft 
  • Able to communicate Independently with minimal support. 

Pre-Requisites and Requirements:  

  • Must complete forms through online registration. 
  • Will need to complete a brief zoom session with Program Facilitator. This will be scheduled via email after participants complete the registration process. 
  • Must be able to attend at least 80% of classes for program completion.  

Tuition and fees: $250

Dates & Location:

Program start date: May 6, 2024 

Program end date: July 12, 2024 

No sessions on:  

Victoria Day Monday, May 20 

Canada Day Monday, July 1 

Age Group:

17-27 years (This is an approximate age group. Please contact us if you’re outside this age group and would like to participate.)

Delivery: In Person

Location: Easter Seals House, 3981 Oak Street, Vancouver  

Monday, Wednesday & Fridays 3:30-5:30pm

Easter Seals would like to thank the following organizations who helped develop and fund the Compass Program.

Compass is based on curriculum from the Adoptive Families Association of BC for youth aging out of government care.