David’s Story

For guests like David, the impact Easter Seals House has had on him spans a lifetime.


In 1977, David was just two years old when he traveled to Vancouver with his mother and stayed at Easter Seals House for the first time. That first visit lasted two weeks, and David and his mother surely never imagined what a crucial part Easter Seals House would play over the years as he received treatment for post-polio syndrome.

For 44 years, Easter Seals House has been his home-away-from-home for close to 1,000 days and nights. It offers the private space he and his family are looking for in between his treatments and appointments that are just minutes away at the local hospitals and medical facilities. He’s able to relax in his own private suite where he has a full kitchen and bath to himself.

Easter Seals House is also a helpful relief from the stress and financial burden of finding somewhere to stay in an expensive and what can be an unfamiliar city. David knows better than anyone how Easter Seals House can be like a port in a storm for families.

“For families who are facing some of the toughest times any family can face, having Easter Seals House means that there is one less stress,” says David.

David says there was a song Pat Boone would sing called “A Pocketful of Hope”, and it always stuck with him because it sums up the impact of Easter Seals House. The chorus went:

I’ve got a pocketful of hope, a heart full of dreams,

and I believe the future can be brighter than it seems.


For so many families, knowing Easter Seals House is there, helps them remember that there is hope to hang onto during hard times. David always likes to say that, “Easter Seals House helps give families back their heart full of dreams.”

Thanks to you, guests like David have a home to come back to year after year.

Every gift you give makes a difference. Every gift you give matters, so whether it is $35, $65 or any amount you can spare – there are kids and families who will be so grateful.


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