National AccessAbility Week Flag Design Contest

Congratulations to our 2022 Winners!


May 29 to June 4, 2022, is Canada’s National AccessAbility Week – a week that celebrates the valuable contributions of Canadians with disabilities and recognizes the efforts of individuals, communities and workplaces that are actively working to remove barriers to accessibility and inclusion. For close to 75 years, a core mission of Easter Seals is to make the lives of people with disabilities better in British Columbia and Yukon.

Thank you to all the students who created a design for this year’s Easter Seals National AccessAbility Week Flag Contest and making BC/Yukon a better place to live through an accessable society.

Each Winner Received:

  • $750 in cash for the teacher to purchase learning materials
  • $200 honorarium for the winning student
  • A Panago Pizza Lunch for the winning student’s classroom
  • A real flag will be produced based on the winning design

Grade 9-12 Category

Winner: Daniel L., Grade 9

School: Sir Winston Churchill Secondary, Vancouver

Grade 6-8 Category

Winner: Ana V., Grade 7

School: Brentwood Park Elementary School, Burnaby

“I based my flag design off of the Medicine Wheel, an Indigenous symbol that links together multiple principles regarding well-being. The white, yellow, red, and black quadrants often represent the spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional aspects, in that order. Correspondingly, a symbol for each concept is present – the sun rising over mountains (which references BC and Yukon’s geography, and also alludes to the sun being a significant part of West Coast Indigenous stories), a person in a wheelchair crossing the finish line (a metaphor for AccessAbility), rays emanating from a person’s mind to emphasize neurodiversity, and people of multiple backgrounds and characteristics (as suggested by the multiple colours) holding hands to give emotional support. The Pacific Dogwood of BC and the Yukon fireweed is at the centre. The purple background references the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, a historically-significant egalitarian Indigenous democracy in Eastern Canada – which represents the need to build accepting societies.” ~ Daniel, 2022 Winner

Thank you to Panago Pizza for supplying pizza to the winners and runner-ups!