Geek Squad Academy holds ‘camp’ with kids at Easter Seals Camp Winfield

Best Buy’s Geek Squad Academy program visited Easter Seals Camp Winfield this past July 4th. During the Geek Squad Academy workshop, 46 campers with diverse abilities aged 19-29 participated in the event.

Campers became “Junior Agents” and got hands-on experience with some of the newest and coolest technology. Ten volunteers from the Vernon and Kelowna Best Buy stores were onsite to teach the Junior Agents about robotics and digital music creation.

“This was an amazing opportunity that Easter Seals campers with a wide range of diverse abilities were able to take part in, giving them a chance to learn and try out new skills and technology that they otherwise may not have a chance to,” said James Gagnon, Director of Camp Facilities at Easter Seals.

“We were very excited to bring Geek Squad Academy to Easter Seals Camp Winfield,” said Jen Knight, Community Relations Specialist at Best Buy Canada. “Our employees had a fantastic time working with the campers, showing them how fun technology can be.”

Geek Squad Academy is a guided, hands-on learning program that partners Best Buy Blue Shirts and Geek Squad Agents with local schools and community groups to teach kids about the latest tech in a fun and interactive environment. Best Buy has been touring the program across Canada for 5 years and provides this program at no cost as part of their community investment outreach.