Joyce Kowalyk – A Legacy of Love

A Life Lived
Joyce Kowalyk was a woman with a life of tremendous loves. A strong McDonalds cup of coffee, community chats and walks in her Maple Ridge neighborhood and an avid hunting of the perfect bargain. Her legacy however was her life-long advocacy for children.

A Life Loved
As a Licensed Practical Nurse at Ridge Meadows Hospital, Joyce, through her dedicated work on the maternity/pediatrics ward, exemplified this advocacy and passion through her loving care to so many babies, children, and families in the community.

A Love that Lives On
Joyce Kowalyk passed away in late 2020, but her love will live on through her generous legacy gift to Easter Seals BC Yukon and its work on behalf of children, youth, and families in British Columbia. Thanks to Joyce her gift will help children, youth, and families overcome adversity and reach full potential for many years to come.

Easter Seals BC only learned of this amazing gift after Joyce passed. We are tremendously grateful for this contribution, but in equal measure, saddened we did not have the opportunity to meet Joyce, learn more about her life and thank her personally while she was alive.

How Will Your Love Live On?
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