Cassidy’s Story

“Cassidy was 9 years old the first time she went to Easter Seals Camp. She’d never been away from home, and we expected there to be challenges. We waited for the phone call to tell us to come and pick her up. The phone call never came. They made her feel so comfortable, and so part of the experience, that she was comfortable right away.

At camp, Cassidy didn’t have to worry about kids making fun of her for her disability. She could shout, laugh, and just be herself. Don’t kid yourself. Our children know when they are being laughed at and bullied. They hurt just like any other child would. Being in a place where she feels safe and happy is so important.

At camp they see the positive side of adults in their counselors. They see patience, kindness and fun, and that it’s ok to be who they are. We tell them that all the time, but seeing it in a different context is life changing. Camp has, and always will, hold a special place in our hearts.” ~ Gina & Cassidy

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