Hannah’s Story

I want to share with you my personal experience at Easter Seals House and how we came to stay.


My Hannah is an energetic, outgoing little girl who loves to laugh and play. Her favourite things include arts and crafts, playing with her sisters, and spending time with her cat Pip Squeak. She loves jumping rope, running through puddles, and getting grass stains on her jeans. Seeing her constant laughter and love of life, you would never guess Hannah was fighting for dear life with a battle with cancer.

Upon diagnosis of a stage 4 Wilm’s tumour that had aggressively spread to the lungs and liver, our lives have been turned upside down. Our worst fears had become reality. We had to face the disease head on and begin our journey.

Unfortunately, the journey took us far from our hometown.

To receive the best care possible, we had to make the trip to Children’s Hospital in Vancouver. I left my three younger girls, family, and friends behind to be by Hannah’s side every step of the way. Being suddenly uprooted from a small town and thrown into the big city, alone and with a sick child was terrifying. Easter Seals House was there when we needed it the most.

Throughout Hannah’s extensive treatment, consisting of 33 rounds of chemotherapy, 2 surgeries, and 10 radiation treatments, Easter Seals House served as a respite area and home away from home. The building was comfortable and close to the hospital and BC Cancer Agency. The staff was very supportive and friendly, allowing us a relaxing downtime. Hannah was able to thrive during her battle with cancer and live as if she never left home.

Thanks to the support of Easter Seals House, Hannah could play outside, spend time with loved ones, and thrive in a home-like environment. We are so thankful that Easter Seals House is available to families, such as ours, whose lives were completed uprooted.

– Candace Parker, Hannah’s mother

Thanks to you, Hannah and her mother had a home when they needed it the most. Donate today and keep smiles on children’s faces.


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