Lunch with Easter Seals

This month we hosted our first ever Lunch with Easter Seals. The events were created to celebrate and recognize the importance of our donors, sponsors, community partners and volunteers and the impact they have on our organization and our community. And for first-time events, they were well attended.

Over 250 guests attended the two lunches, which were held in Vancouver and Victoria respectively. The highlight of both lunches was our special guests the McGregor family. Daniel McGregor and his family have been clients of ours since he was 11 years old, and the growth of this young man has been incredible and certainly worth celebrating. The family attended both events and we shared his personal story with our honoured guests, which was an absolute hit.

This will become an annual event for our organization and next year, we hope to launch one in Kelowna. It is because of the support of our donors, sponsors, community partners and volunteers that we can do the work we do, and have the impact we have so thank you. We’re looking forward to next year when we can tell an even bigger and better story of how your support is making an impact in your community… and we hope to see YOU there.

View the photo galleries Vancouver and Victoria.

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