Local Lions Clubs Are Pillars in the Community

Lions Clubs across the province were busy over the summer and into the fall. They held several events and raised close to $50,000 for Easter Seals. One of the definite highlights was the Vernon Lions Club Golf tournament, which brought in close to $17,000. The Duncan Lions and Kamloops Paddlewheelers Lions Club we also extremely active and the past couple of months as were the Lake Country Winfield Lions, Chase Lions, and Sorrento Lions and between them brought in over $35,000 to support programs and services at Easter Seals.  

In addition to their treasure, Lions Clubs were active volunteering their time and effort at our Camps across the province. A big thank you to all the Camp Improvement Committees who work diligently to keep our Camps operating. This year we had all three Camps running successfully and the children, youth and adults who live with disabilities – and their families – benefitted because of the ongoing support of the Lions Clubs.  

We are so thankful to these Clubs and everything they do, and we’re excited to see what they have in store for the coming months. Thank you, Lions… keep roaring. 


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