A time to refresh and recharge

Michelle’s Story

Camp is not only important to campers.

It’s a chance to give parents and caregivers a time to refresh and recharge.

“Every year, my younger sister, Alexandra, would look forward to her week long trip to Easter Seals Summer Camp. This was a place and a time where she would grow exponentially in areas like independence, confidence and social intelligence, among others. She had an amazing time and loved every moment of her time away.

Easter Seals Camps, however, are not just for the camper. In fact, sometimes these camps are more for the family.

When my sister went to Easter Seals Camp, it truly was an opportunity for my mother and I to refresh and recharge. I never begrudged my sister of any of the attention she was given. She still is, to this day, my entire world. But this week, every summer, was an opportunity for my mother and I to connect – just the two of us. We would take trips together, share in experiences, and it gave time for my mom to check in with her (sometimes ornary) teenage daughter, completely and without distraction.

We are so very thankful every day for the support offered to us by the Easter Seals and will forever advocate for them to our friends, family and our community.”

~ Michelle

Thanks to you, a week at camp is a highlight for the entire family. Donate today and help keep those smiles on faces from children to adults!


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