Creston Lions Club President, Rod Giles, has a challenge for other Lions Clubs

“I am reaching out to all Lions in our immediate area to bring us together in Lionism and make a difference to others.

The BC Lions Society for Children with Disabilities was set up over 60 years ago by the Lions Society to meet the needs of children with disabilities and their mission is to enable abilities in all. But to keep programs and services running, Easter Seals relies heavily on donations from everyone in Society.

As part of their fundraising, Easter Seals will be putting on their annual Drop Zone event in Victoria and Vancouver this September.

Our challenge to each club is to send a representative to the Drop Zone event. And if you are unable to send a member to the event, then we are asking you to make a donation to a club that is sending a member.

I have registered myself to participate in the Victoria event and I would love for a bunch of Kootenay Lions to show up and have fun and make a difference. If there are enough Lions I will request that they have a time frame when only Lions drop and that there is some sort of reception area for Lions to gather and get together.

It is my belief that our forefather Lions began an incredible society and made an incredible difference in the lives of so many when they created the BC Lions Society for Children with Disabilities. I believe the commitment to those with disabilities should be the same, if not greater today.

It is up to us to send the message to the Society that we, as Lions of the East and West Kootenay’s, care deeply and want Easter Seals to continue to make a difference in the lives of those who need us the most.

If you wish to support me in my ‘DROP’ please contact our secretary. All donations are greatly appreciated and I will think of you all as I rappel down the office tower.”

Yours in Lionism,

Creston Lion President Rod Giles