12 Days of Campmas – Krystian’s Story

It’s day 5 of our 12 Days of Campmas stories! On day 5 we’d like you to meet Krystian. 

“My name is Krystian. I am 32 years old. I have an intellectual disability and an anxiety disorder. I was told I would never be able to read or write, but NOW I am a fluent reader, writer and speller. I love my family, Christmas, travelling and working on what I love best.” 

Krystian first went to Camp Winfield at age 6 and attended most summers until the age of 19.  

“My favourite activity was Kangaroo court. I loved teasing the staff and charging them with crimes such as their shoes being untied, or they left the cupboard door open. We sent them to Kangaroo court where they were sentenced to get goo dumped on them or be thrown in the lake. I also loved arts and crafts, boating and the food.” 

Krystian’s mom, Linda, highly recommends Easter Seals camps to anyone “I loved watching him grow to be more self-sufficient and spread his wings each year he came home from camp. I found Easter Seals Camp to be an independent and positive experience for him as he grew into adulthood.” 

Krystian then attended 2 years of Leaders in Training Camp. “I was taught leadership skills that I use today. Because of my training, I am able run my own business. I run a newsletter to educate people about special needs (selfadvocatenet.com).” 

Thank you Krystian for sharing your story of growing up attending Easter Seals Camp! Follow his newsletter here on Facebook at the Kamloops Self Advocate.

If you’d like to help campers and families like Krystian’s you can visit https://bit.ly/12days-of-campmas 

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