12 Days of Campmas: Marco’s Story

It’s day 9 of the #12DaysofCampmas and we’d like you to meet Marco, an Easter Seals Camp Alumni, a current Easter Seals Board Member, and an entrepreneur, accessibility consultant and keynote speaker.  

“Going to Camp as a child changed my life and gave me the confidence and social skills to be the speaker that I am today. Flash forward almost 30 years later and I am able to pay it forward by being a Board Member for Easter Seals, ensuring that the life-changing legacy continues for people with disabilities and their families.” 

Marco was born three months premature in 1985 and diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy shortly after. His early childhood was both shaped and defined by his wheelchair. Then Marco attended Easter Seals Camp at age 5. At camp, Marco wasn’t the only one with a disability and he wasn’t defined by his wheelchair. Instead, it was a place where he was encouraged to push himself beyond his idea of ‘disability’ and learned to adapt the world around his abilities. 

“Being around other kids like me made me feel like I wasn’t alone. Everyone was encouraged to take pride in and use their abilities to the fullest.” 

Marco spent ten summers at camp swimming, canoeing, playing wheelchair basketball and performing in talent shows, helping him to develop skills, confidence and a sense of independence. He also made friendships that extended beyond the weeks at camp and gave him a feeling of understanding and community that he hadn’t found elsewhere. 

Thank you, Marco, for always sharing your passion and wisdom with us. If you’d like to help the next generation of campers and families like Marco’s you can visit https://bit.ly/12days-of-campmas 

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