Callum’s Story

For some guests, they have to travel 2400km to meet their medical needs. And when they do, Easter Seals House is here to welcome them with open arms.


Easter Seals House has been a home-away-from home for 10 year old Callum and his family for many years. And it’s not just once a year they visit.

A couple times a year Callum and his mother Marusia, and sometimes his twin sister and younger brother, make the 2400km trek by plane from their home in the Yukon to meet with neurologists and specialists at BC Children’s Hospital. Callum needs specialized treatment for epilepsy that he can only find at BC Children’s Hospital.

So, when families get to the point where they have to travel a long way for medical care to meet with doctors and receive treatments that aren’t available to them in the Yukon, they want to know that they can stay in a place that is comfortable, accessible to the hospitals and affordable.

“We’ve been here with Callum and his siblings, and when Callum has appointments at BC Children’s Hospital it’s just two blocks away which is really handy,” mom Marusia says. “Sometimes the waiting time between appointments can be 4 to 5 hours, so having Easter Seals House close by allows us to have a place to come to and allows Callum to have the naps he needs.”

The medication Callum is on currently makes him sleep more than 12 hours a day making it extremely difficult to not have him nap between appointments. And while Callum is sleeping, his siblings can take advantage of the lounges on each floor, which have televisions and fully equipped kitchens.

“It would be a totally different experience for us if we were staying in a hotel. Every time we meet a family and have connected with them. We see them around town now and are able to connect with families that are going through a similar situation as us. It’s a wonderful place and we’re very grateful it’s here,” says Marusia.

Easter Seals House has 49 individual double occupancy suites with a full kitchen and is like an apartment in the city. Families like to stay at the House because it also gives them autonomy they may be looking for. They can cook on their own if they have compromised immune systems or special dietary needs. It’s really homey and inviting.

Thanks to you, guests like Callum have a home away from home.

Every gift you give makes a difference. Every gift you give matters, so whether it is $35, $65 or any amount you can spare – there are kids and families who will be so grateful.


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