Charlotte’s own pool party

Charlotte has a medical condition that requires her to lay horizontally at all times. But that doesn’t stop Easter Seals camp counsellors from giving her the best camp experience they can!

Charlotte has been an Easter Seals camper for more than five years and loves every minute of it. Because she needs to stay horizontal, support workers and camp counsellors push her in a portable bed around camp, so she can participate in camp activities. There isn’t a dry eye in the house during one of her songs at the talent show!

But there are some activities that are more challenging to make accessible for Charlotte – like swimming. Not only does Charlotte have to be horizontal, she has a tube that cannot get wet.

One summer when Charlotte was 11 years old, to give her an experience in the pool, camp lifeguards took time out of their daily break to open the pool especially for her – giving Charlotte her own pool party!

Along with her counsellors and support workers, the life guards created a makeshift raft to lay on and adapted a life jacket to keep her tube dry.

Charlotte’s eyes lit up in the pool with excitement. Splashing and playing and feeling the sensation of floating was an unforgettable experience!

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