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A place of universal support

10 year old Mia has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and when she was accepted into a specialized inpatient program at BC Children’s Hospital Easter Seals House was there to help.

Accepting only 10 children at a time, the month-long program is highly competitive. After months of interviews, screenings and tests to determine if Mia was a good fit for the program, her parents got the call they had been waiting for – Mia had been accepted. But living in the small town of Armstrong, BC, it wasn’t easy for Mia’s parents, Chris and Cory, to travel to Vancouver for Mia’s treatment. So that’s where Easter Seals House came in and things started to come together.

Travel expenses and taking time away from work while still paying the bills at home can be a huge challenge for families needing specialized medical care. The Easter Seals House offers low-cost accommodations for families in a private suite with a kitchenette,” explains Cory. “We absolutely could not have done it financially without the Easter Seals House. It has truly been a blessing.

The value of Easter Seals House goes beyond convenience and affordability. When you ask Mia what she likes most her face lights up as she exclaims “the lounge!” The community lounge with its TV and playroom is where she can meet and play with other kids. The lounge is also special to her parents as a place for them to meet others who are going through a similar experience.

“Everyone at Easter Seals House has something in common. It’s a place of universal support,” says a thankful Chris. “You don’t even have to share specifics about what you are going through because there is this mutual understanding. It has been really powerful.”

Today Mia is in grade five and has a new plan for how her teachers, friends and family support and help her reach her full potential.

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