The Power of a Great Mom

At Easter Seals, we see the power of mom in camper’s like Balraj. When you’ve been cheered on, loved, accepted, celebrated for EXACTLY who you are by an incredible mom, it shines. One such mom is Cindy – mom to camper, turned camp counsellor, and Drop Zone participant, Balraj.

“[As a mom to] a child with spina bifida who needs a wheelchair for all his mobility, having a place like Easter Seals camps available where hecould go and be a “regular kid” without the daily struggles where we felt secure and comfortable sending him was the best thing a parent could have.

Now as my son has grown into this amazing young man, I sometimes struggle to remember that he can and has the abilities to accomplish and be anything he wants and he can be independent with all these decisions.

Easter Seals has done that for him. As a child it allowed him to be a child and be free, and as an adult it allowed him independence and an ability to spread his wings and sore. 

He has been able to share not only his camp experience but also life experiences and I think he has a special inside view of what is needed to have camp be that everything place for new campers experiences. Along with the assurance to moms and dads that “hey, your kid is going to be ok, better than ok… they will be OK and have the time of their lives.” “

As you can see Balraj is a very special part of the Easter Seals team. What you don’t see in the video is that as he came down the side of the building during Drop Zone his mom, Cindy, was at the bottom cheering him on, doing a happy dance and waiting with a huge hug. We know she has been a huge part of his life, pushing him to break barriers and pursue his passions.

Watch Breaking Barriers with Balraj


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